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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well here we are again. I've discovered that it's very hard to talk about your job as a game editor/writer when the project you're working on hasn't been announced yet. It's not like being a designer or a programmer, where you can talk in veiled terms about interesting problems you solved or discussions you had. All I can say is, "I edited some text today, and this one line was kind of lame so I made it funnier. Also one character's name sounded vaguely racist so we changed that." Until the project is announced and done, things are pretty bloody uninteresting. So let's make the best of it! Here's some of what I've been working on:

-My unannounced game has a cowgirl in it. Sometimes she looks like a maid. Not one of those hot French maids, but the ones with the white cloth tied over their head that you see in movies about ye olden Mexico or Italy.

-My submissions to the comic book contest I mentioned before got me nowhere. The top ten were announced and I was nowhere to be found. I can only assume they placed me at #11, after deciding my ideas were just too edgy for the stuffy upper crust of comic book fandom. One of the top ten is a reverend though, so that's pretty sweet.

-I've been asked to write about a dozen minute-long scripts intended to flesh out a minor character in a graphic novel set to come out near/at Comic-Con later this year. They want to shoot it live-action as a sort of scientific web diary (think the experiment scenes from I Am Legend) and release them one by one on the official website leading up to the release of the actual book. It's not set yet, but it should be pretty fun if that goes through.

-I sent a speculative submission to a certain group of people, and while they liked my structure they hated the story concept. So much so that they didn't even comment on the quality of writing - the very idea was enough to turn them right off. So they want me to write something completely different and try it again. At least they didn't tell me to fuck off.

-I just got back from GDC in San Francisco, where I saw a bunch of cool indie games by college kids with more talent than I could ever hope to dream of imagining even thinking about wanting. I also used my brain to set a barrel on fire in a mind-reading game. Then I played a few rounds of Smash Bros Brawl and won one round with Dedede only because I grabbed all 3 smash balls and belly-bounced my way to victory.

-I've been moving for the last week. Moving is the shittiest shit to ever shit when you've got a bunch of useless crap that you can't bring yourself to throw away. I've got something like 400 DVDs and maybe 300 books, and that shit is not light. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

-I know I'm late, but the writer's strike is over! As someone with delusions of someday being part of the WGAw, I'm glad to say that they got a very good deal and should be content for many years to come.

-We just released a teaser trailer for Puchi Puchi Virus, the DS puzzle game I worked on. It's up on Gametrailers, and the people there mostly seemed to hate it. It was meant to be a goofy, weird parody of cheesy action trailers, and apparently that's not a good angle. Oh well, the game is fun and I enjoyed coming up with the trailer and that's really all that matters. Let the haters hate. Man I hate that phrase.

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