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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


So it's the middle of Summer and at work it's the friggin' doldrums. Now I know at most jobs, having no work to do is a very, very good thing. But when you write for a video game company, what more could you hope for than to...write? But I wanted to post something anyway, so I'm just gonna write some really cryptic stuff about upcoming projects.

-We just got the Japanese text for a DS game we're planning to release early next year. It's unlike anything we've ever done before, and it's absolutely chock-full of awesomely bad puns that I plan on making even more awesome and bad. The groans will be heard 'round the world.

-We've just started working on a couple games to be released sometime later next year. They're being developed in Japan as usual, but we're acting more like a regular publisher, funding the projects and helping develop the concepts. They're sending me to Japan later this year to sort of look over their rough story ideas and help figure it out and make sure it all works. So I'm not writing it, but I'll have a hand in designing the overall storylines. Very excited about that.

-I've asked and received permission to write a full graphic novel (not a manga, but an actual Western-style book) based on one of those two projects which will basically retell the story in a more comic book style. Since it's a 'reinterpretation', I'll basically have full control over the story, using the established characters and environments however I want. And I've decided there's gonna be a hatchet in it.

-On the topic of graphic novels, I've been working with a guy I know on another novel unrelated to NISA. In this case, he came up with the story, sent the outline to an artist, got the art back, and now he's asked me to write all the dialogue to match up to the art. We're waiting for some final pages before I start on that, so I have no idea when that'll be out. There's no hatchet in this one, but there is an amorphous blob.

In more substantial news, Dragoneer's Aria for PSP should be coming out at the end of this month. It's been getting pretty solid reviews, so anyone out there who loves traditional, hardcore fantasy RPGs and also happens to own a PSP should definitely check that out. And if you buy it and have a problem with the writing, you can kiss my pearly white buttocks.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Can you hint on the story you're reimaganining? Or is that still to hush hush.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Houk said...

Well the game itself isn't even gonna be announced for quite awhile, so I can't really say anything specific. But I can say it's in the realm of a dark fairy tale world, something similar to Nightmare Before Christmas. At least, that's the plan right now.


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